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Eclectic Art & Dance from Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Explore the eclectic art available from jennieden in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Inspired by my spiritual journey and the meaningful experiences I have had, my vibrant art is bold and dynamic. Some feature impressions of the reality around me, while others are expressions of the emotions within me. I also create inspirational dance that expresses my inner self.

My Personal "Art History"

Though currently not a rich artist like Damien Hirst or Tracey Emin, once I started painting in 2003, my popularity has exploded.

At one point, I had an 18-month waiting list for portraits. Then I began to paint images of camels and quickly had a waiting list for those paintings, too! After 10 years, in 2013 I stopped taking commissions and took a break. Now my artwork is sold across the globe from Canada and New Zealand to Ireland and the United States. 

Inspirational Dance

My latest project is an inspirational dance that I dreamed from start to finish—where I saw all of humanity dancing without fear. Fear is the comfort zone and, when you learn to get rid of this, you are free and to be in your own power and dance with your dream. Now I am working to realise this dance as a full production with a coreographer, a dance company and an 82-minute, original score, that was worked on from 2012-2015. Bringing it to the UK will help me gain exposure and lead people to my books and my art.

Contact me in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, for more information about my eclectic art and inspirational dance project.