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Releasing the fears!

Welcome once again to Planting Positivity. This is column number 30 So, do you remember how we finished last week? I was feeling blocked in my process of manifesting so, after contemplating my dilemma and wondering why I was stuck, why I was blocked, I went away on holiday and during the holiday as I […]


Removing the blocks

  In the previous weeks I have mentioned vision boards and feeling stuck, or blocked. This is what happened to me, I had my vision board, I had the ability to dream big, I got excited and enthusiastic about what I could achieve and bring in but I hit resistance and I was stuck, I […]


Pulling out the weeds!

  Welcome back to column number 28 We are working through my Planting Positivity course and we are at the pruning and weeding stage. This means we are looking at the weeds that are overgrowing our beautiful plants – metaphorically speaking. We are looking at the limited and negative thoughts that are preventing us from […]


Are your resistance walls too high?

Are your resistance walls too high? Welcome back to column no 24 We’re now looking at the thoughts that might hold us back, block us and distract us from our purpose. Despite thinking positively, watching my mind-movie, looking at my vision board and saying my affirmations, I noticed that not everything was happening as I […]


Awareness is the key!

  Welcome back to column no 26 Have you looked at your thoughts and behaviours to see if you are resisting? Have you tried to work out which fear you have? Resistance can come in many forms. It is a psychological defense mechanism we implement when we can’t overcome emotional difficulty. Remember the Amygdala? It […]