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Keeping People Positive with Art & Life Coaching

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Visual Art & Life Coaching by Jenni Eden of Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Discover the beauty of the world through my creative and energetic paintings that are based on my spiritual journey. Though not religious, I did have an awakening experience that fuelled my popular paintings sold all over the world.


I founded Planting Positivity to help people who are desperate to change their lives for the better. These workshops have really made a difference, as numerous stories of people's wonderful experiences with me can attest.


For more information about my life as a visual artist and my life coaching workshops, contact me on 07719 775195 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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Discover the eclectic art and positivity workshops of jennieden, based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I am a visual artist creating commissioned paintings, as well as a certified life coach and yoga instructor. Now back in the UK, I have a passion for creating art, as well as running life coaching workshops that make a difference and keep people positive. I love the way painting makes me feel but have discovered that painting is a process and a path towards my life's purpose: helping other people.

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