I am an Artist, an Author, a Life Coach, a Drama Teacher and a Musician.
I would love to help you to live the life of your dreams and achieve your goals. Teach you to empower your thoughts, boost your confidence and unleash your creativity.
I look forward to hearing from you so I can help YOU get started on YOUR journey of a lifetime.    Jenni x

Think big, think ahead!

Dear Jenni, What if you are not sure what your goal is? How do you work round that? Love Helen UK Dear Helen, Great question! So many of us do not know what our goal is, The original ideas have been lost over time and conformity. I believe we are all given a unique gift […]


Focus on what you want!

Question: So, when I make my plan…how am I supposed to plan for the way I want my love life to be? I mean if I’m already with someone? Wouldn’t that mean that I would have to change myself? Or does that mean changing my approach? It’s almost like I’ve never seen things so clearly. […]


OK I am going to attempt to get some crowd funding going to raise the money for the animated version of The Awakening A Dance by Jenni Eden ( its what the universe gave me to do when I asked “What can I do for you?” so do I use KickStarter or GoFundMe ? any advice will be gratefully received


How to become more Successful

here is my latest column in the Oman Observer, it is now used to respond to your questions so if you have any on Planting Positivity please feel free to ask   I have enjoyed reading your column over the last few weeks. Can you recommend your book as a good read for my teenage […]


Positive Learning Path

I managed to read ur book really quickly and enjoyed it very much. Do u have any further advice to enhance my positive learning path? Regards Rupert   Dear Rupert, I am very glad that you have enjoyed my book. To further enhance your positive learning I strongly suggest that you give yourself the time […]