I am an Artist, an Author, a Life Coach, a Drama Teacher and a Musician.
I would love to help you to live the life of your dreams and achieve your goals. Teach you to empower your thoughts, boost your confidence and unleash your creativity.
I look forward to hearing from you so I can help YOU get started on YOUR journey of a lifetime.    Jenni x

Planting Positivity

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The Planting Positivity can be a 6 week course – once a week for 6 weeks, OR it can be a two day or one day course and there is also a brief outline of the course given  in a 90 minute or 60 minute lecture.

There are 7 steps to sowing positivity for success:

Planting Positivity - getting started, what is positivity?
Watering Positivity - habits and strategies to develop  positivity
Growing Positivity - strategies to increase positivity
Sustaining Positivity - techniques to develop lasting positivity
Weeding Positivity - identifying the limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that hold you back
Pruning Positivity - removing the fears, limiting beliefs and doubts that hold you back
Blooming Positivity - allowing yourself to receive all you desire

What is Planting Positivity


Life coaching is about facilitating you, as you learn new approaches and strategies, that will help you be the person you long to be and to achieve personal and professional success.

I can be hired to support you as you achieve personal or professional goals.

I offer Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum services that can match your budget and offer a variety of support in the form of Phone calls, emails or face to face meetings depending on which level you choose.


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This course is now also a dance called ‘The Awakening’
You can learn more about the dance from The Awakening Podcasts


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