I am an Artist, an Author, a Life Coach, a Drama Teacher and a Musician.
I would love to help you to live the life of your dreams and achieve your goals. Teach you to empower your thoughts, boost your confidence and unleash your creativity.
I look forward to hearing from you so I can help YOU get started on YOUR journey of a lifetime.    Jenni x



ArtsSpa is not just a place to throw around paint, even if that is immense fun!  It is also a place to come and do all the other things I love and am passionate about.

Dance lessons of all genres
DeRigours Drama
Planting Positivity Workshops
Meditation sessions
Hot yoga run by me and other forms of yoga run by others
Workshops for jewellery making/card making/mosaics (if I can convince folks I know to come and share their knowledge too) Life coaching
Workshops about Essential Oils and Herbs run by my two friends Souad and Manahil, with facials and massages and other treatments run by Ahlam.

It is really going to be an amazing place!